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If you would like to arrange a free 20-minute phone consultation, you may text or call 850.866.2483 to initiate setting up a convenient time. Texting is generally the fastest way to receive a call back. Include in your text your first name and "consult." 


If you call, I will personally speak with you to make an appointment or if I am not immediately available by telephone, I will make every effort to return your call on the same day you make it, with the exception of calls received after 5pm, Saturdays, and holidays. If you are unable to reach me and feel that you cannot wait for a return call, contact your family physician, 911, or the nearest emergency room and ask for the mental health specialist on call.


This phone consultation is not a therapy session, but is time used to get a general sense of the reasons you are seeking therapy and determine if I am able to offer counseling in the area of your needs. I wouldn't want to delay you in the process of finding help if I do not specialize in that area. There is such a diversity of needs that it is very difficult, if not impossible, for therapists to keep current on effective treatments in every area. You will want a therapist who focuses on and is committed to maintaining their training in your area of need. I hope I am able to help. However, if not, I will likely be able to provide an appropriate referral.

The initial consultation serves an additional purpose. Choosing a therapist can be a daunting task and is a very personal decision. I offer the free consultation to provide you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about my approach, the therapy process, policies and fees, etc. Feel free to express any uncertainties or concerns. Your questions might help you gauge your initial comfort level with me. The therapist-client relationship is a very important part of the counseling process. You should trust your instincts. It is normal to feel hesitant about sharing your private life with someone you don't know, but you may be able to get a sense whether I might be someone with whom you could work with further. 


The following are some examples of situations in which I refer. For individuals who are currently battling an addiction, I refer to a specialist in that area. If they are seeking help for reasons other than the addiction, I will work with them while they are concurrently undergoing addiction treatment elsewhere. While I see men in the context of couples counseling, I currently do not work with men individually. I also do not provide marital counseling to couples when there is an active, ongoing affair. I have found it is impossible to work on a marriage in this situation. I refer the person engaged in the affair to individual counseling and suspend marriage counseling until the affair has been terminated. Finally, I am not a child psychologist and will provide referrals for children, teens, and families.

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