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This isn't what you hoped for or expected out of your marriage.

But somehow, you're here. You've tried everything you know to do

and you're about ready to accept this is just the way it's going to be.

Or perhaps you are thinking of giving up altogether. Don't.

Change can happen. A more intimate and fulfilling marriage is possible.


Have you become a couple who:


  • recognizes that the reality of your marriage is falling short of its potential?

  • lives more as roommates than as partners and lovers?

  • is easily frustrated and frequently bicker?

  • finds their relationship and family devastated by deep wounds?

  • is contemplating divorce?


If so, you may struggle with feelings of hopelessness and uncertainty. What do you do next? Through stories, songs, movies, and statistics, our culture tells us marriage is a disposable relationship--one whose shelf life is dictated by emotions. We enter marriage with romance, desire, and excitement. It's time to exit when we experience overwhelming difficulties, hurt, anger, boredom, or a lack of intimacy.


As a Christian, you may know God's Word teaches that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman that is intended to last a lifetime. Does this mean, to please God you must accept that you are destined to remain dissatisfied, hurt, or unfulfilled in this relationship for the rest of your life? Absolutely not.

God loves us and longs to bring blessings to our lives. His Word says that marriage is to reflect Christ’s example of love--unconditional and sacrificial. If we allow Him, He is able to use your marriage as a catalyst that will mature and strengthen you, your partner, and your relationships with Him. This relationship can be uniquely powerful in developing your ability to love like Christ loves. Through this, you and your marriage may be healed and transformed. There is hope.


But how to begin? Likely, you have tried everything you know to do to improve your marriage. Often, couples find it takes the help of an objective third party with knowledge and experience with relationship issues to be a catalyst for change. For Christian couples, it is vital to choose a therapist that works within the context of Biblical values. Dr. Thomas believes in the sanctity of the marriage commitment. Helping couples restore broken relationships and cultivate rewarding marriages are among the greatest joys in her professional life. 


Intimacy revitalized

Respect inherent in true partnership

Communication with depth of understanding and compassion

Honor when resolving conflicts

Joy of friendship

Peace from forgiveness and acceptance

Restoration from hurts and unresolved issues

Trust in faithfulness of thoughts, words, and deeds

Commitment to the covenant of marriage

Hope for continued growth

Love that is unconditional and sacrificial

Unity in the common pursuit of God

  Dr. Thomas will work with you and your spouse 

to help you move toward: 

There are times when only one person in the marriage is willing to work or attend counseling. If that is you, find hope in the knowledge that God is still able and faithful to work in your situation. While we cannot control the thoughts, words, attitudes, or actions of others, we can choose to direct our own. A marriage that appears doomed to fail can be transformed when even just one person gains insight, acknowledges with genuine humility the ways they have damaged the relationship, commits to uprooting negative patterns, and begins to act in new ways that reflect selfless love.

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