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Each of us has aspects of our life, such as thoughts, memories, attitudes, habits, actions, or reactions, with which we seem to continually struggle. Sheer willpower, a resolution to hide them, or a period of undisturbed tranquility may push them down for a time, but sooner or later, they always seem to resurface.

You can learn new, effective ways to make signficant and lasting change.

Dr. Thomas has training and experience in providing treatment for a number of clinical disorders, such as:

           Major Depressive Disorder


           Generalized Anxiety Disorder

           Panic Disorder

           Social and Specific Phobias

However, individuals without a clinical (diagnosable) condition commonly experience significant and persisting emotional or relationship distress that interferes with their everyday lives.

Fear, anxiety, anger, stress, hopelessness, depressed mood, issues with body image and food, grief, emotional lability, poor communication, lack of assertiveness, difficulty adjusting to a significant life change: these are all things that can negatively affect your family, your friendships, your job, and your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.


Discouraged, we turn to excuses and justifications or just give up battling them, but we know these things in us get in the way of being who we want to be. Dr. Thomas works with women to help them uncover and address problematic thoughts, actions, beliefs, and attitudes with new effective skills and healthy alternatives. As a Christian counselor, Dr. Thomas will not only work toward changing thoughts and behaviors; she will work toward a lasting transformation that reaches and continues in the heart.

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