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Carmen Thomas-Comeaux, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides Christian counseling and individual psychotherapy to girls, women, and couples in Panama City, Bay County, and the Florida Panhandle. 

Panama City Beach Christian Psychologist

 "My clinical style is collaborative, compassionate, and encouraging. My confidence in the power of God to heal, restore, and enact change in those who seek Him brings a natural optimism to the therapy process.  I am inspired and fulfilled by regularly seeing growth that truly transforms the lives of individuals, couples, and families."


"Christian Psychologist" is often considered an oxymoron because the field of psychology is overwhelmingly secular, generally providing a value-free atmosphere where truth is individually determined and personal happiness is elevated as an ultimate goal.


Dr. Thomas is unique among psychologists in that she recognizes the authority of the Bible over the wisdom of man and psychology and is aware that true peace comes from a heart that recognizes truth and is in right relationship with God.  


She is also unique among Christian counselors in that she is trained in and committed to providing services that are grounded in scientific research regarding effective treatments. Dr. Thomas received both her Masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of South Florida. She has received intensive education and supervised training in the emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and biological aspects of human functioning. Over the past 25 years, throughout her graduate training, internship, residency, and professional career Dr. Thomas has worked with diverse patients in a variety of settings.  


Dr. Thomas is 48 years-old, married 21 years, and is a mother. She has attended a number of different churches as she has moved through her childhood, teen and college years, and adulthood, believing that what is distinctive about various denominations is not as important as what unites them--belief in the authority and relevance of the Bible. 

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