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Eating Disorders impact an individuals' emotional, cognitive, physical, social, and spriritual well-being. The complex nature of these serious medical conditions require an ongoing collaboration between a team of professionals.


Each team member provides a valuable component in the overall treatment plan so that the individual may experience restoration and health in every area of their life.


Mental Health Professional

Carmen Thomas-Comeaux, PhD

Dr. Thomas has trained under several nationally-recognized eating disorder experts and is committed to providing services based on the latest research regarding effective care. An eating disorder may present with a comorbid clinical condition. Dr. Thomas is also experienced in the assessment and treatment of depression, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, and marital issues. When desired, faith and Biblical principles are integrated into treatment as a catalyst for recovery.

Pediatricians and Physicians

Due to the serious physical risks associated with eating disorders, the individuals' health must be closely monitored. Dr. Thomas will collaborate with your physician or your child's pediatrician to work toward achieving treatment goals.



Medication has not been shown to be an effective treatment option for eating disorders. However, when a comorbid condition exists, such as depression or anxiety, medication may enhance the effectiveness of treatment by alleviating other symptoms. Please inform Dr. Thomas of any medications you are currently taking or considering taking.


Registered Dieticians and Nutritionists

At times, individuals or the parents of a child with an eating disorder may need to receive nutritional counseling. Registered dieticians can educate parents and individuals, so they are able to make healthy choices regarding different foods and amounts in order to best meet nutritional goals.


Collaborating with physicians and, when indicated, a psychiatrist

and registered dietician for comprehensive care


2010 - present

2010 - present

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